CHAMP 5K Run 2029 - Cancer Charity

This was done for the CHAMP foundation which supports various causes that are fighting childhood cancer. A good friend of mine has a child that survived retinoblastoma - cancer of the eye. He has a beautiful, sweet little girl who lost an eye to this.Note that it might look like I used a drone for some of it, but I was actually just using a 30' tall painter's pole, which works pretty for some situations.You will also notice that this video is essentially a collection of some video clips, but mostly photographs, with music added.

FEED OUR BABIES - Charity Golf Event

This video was created (pro-bono) for the "Feed Our Babies USA" foundation, whose "mission is to bring community resources together to develop and implement a sustainable, nutritious food source for hungry families, one school district at a time".

It was held at the Biltmore Golf Course in Phoenix.

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