David Troness

I'm from the mid-west, but after 40 years in Arizona, I think I am finally getting use to it. Have been working as an engineer for 25+ years, along with a few years of teaching at ASU. With my two daughters, two dogs and consulting work, I keep really busy, but my passion is with photography.  I learned what I know through reading, practicing, getting feedback, joining clubs, and more practicing.  Being an engineer, I just had to get the latest, best camera gear that I could afford.  

If you are a beginner, I also introduce/teach people who want to get into it... very informally, in small groups, and very inexpensively.  I also enjoy providing my services for free to different charity events.

Always Learning, Practicing and Delivering Photo and Video Products that Go Beyond Customer Expectations

Families, Kids & Babies - Small Weddings - Fashion

Headshots - Cars - Food - Seniors - Sports

Engagements - Products - Events of All Kinds

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A major part of my business involves volunteering my services to support a variety of charities.

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